Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Lunch in the neighbourhood - Le Saint Ferdinand, Paris 17th

The pleasure of a short stroll around the neighbourhood and a late afternoon family lunch over the weekend. As much as the advice to anyone who wants a decent meal in the very many Paris restaurants is to make reservations - there are still some places, especially the neighbourhood bistros, which can always accommodate the hungry flâneur - stroller. One such place was Le Saint Ferdinand recently. We walked for a while, came across a fairly secluded but animated square with three restaurants within a 50m radius, made a choice and sat for lunch.

It was uncomplicated, not haute cuisine, but good quality food - the kind that even I could have rustled up at home. An entrecôte, veal in a mushroom sauce and duck with potatoes in a balsamic sauce. Dessert was profiteroles with ice-cream, crème brûlée and a cafe gourmand. Being the season in which we're now uncorking the rosé, we did just that. A simple lunch in the 17th arrondissement.

Le Saint Ferdinand
34 Place Saint Ferdinand
75017 Paris

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