Sunday, February 8, 2015

Gastronomy: "Le Frank" at Fondation Louis Vuitton, Paris

I finally got to see the recently opened Frank Gehry-designed glass monument that is the Fondation Louis Vuitton. It truly is a marvel to behold. There is an entire story behind how the lobbying for its construction went as high as the highest echelons of the National Assembly.
We finally went today. I took the initiative of ordering the tickets online, hoping to avoid any long queues, but we still queued for about thirty minutes - by which time my children were no longer keen on the idea of museum first, then lunch after. So we joined the queue for Le Frank - the Fondation's restaurant which has been named after the architect.

It was a very long wait, and we were finally seated after thirty minutes, but therein ended all our torment. We sat through a wonderful lunch. I am always wary of the quality of some of the restaurants to be found in museums, but to date I have had some surprisingly great experiences. Le Frank was definitely worth the wait.

We started with the carrot soup with a wasabi-flavoured cream, and a Caesar salad - which was served with a parmesan crust and chicken "oysters" - I can only describe these as tasting like gizzards. Mysterious but tasty though. The service was impeccable, with the servers referring to my nine-year son as 'Sir' which I thought was ridiculous, but they didn't let up.
The young 'Sir' had a chicken breast with a side salad and fries from the kids menu - the chicken looked rather bland but was actually very tasty and tender ; my daughter had the mushroom-topped beef cheek and I went for the steamed sea bass.

I must point out that by the time we were seated, we were very hungry and probably would have eaten anything you put in front of us, but I can definitely state the food was excellent - this is not a biased hunger-driven review. The dessert equally so, maybe not so much the meringue with macaron cream. Despite the long wait the service was efficient and professional. I shall definitely be returning when the weather warms up - I see the potential for great al fresco lunches to be had on the terrace.
I had to resort to some bribery to get my people to actually tour the museum after the lunch, they were quite ready to skip the culture and go home.

Le Frank
8, Avenue du Mahatma Gandhi
Bois de Boulogne - 75116 - Paris

Note: Reservations are open for Dinner only. Breakfast, Lunch and Afternoon Tea are without reservations.


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